Ashley N. Robinson

Ashley is an educator and scholar-practitioner who develops innovative, learning-centered practices for student affairs organizations.

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Ashley is an engaging and experienced facilitator, speaker, and trainer. With experience working with professional staff, student staff, and students, she can help you start or sustain learning-centered change in your organization.

Sessions are available for a variety of audiences, including professional and student staff. You can review detailed information about available topics and sessions on the below pages. Effective learning experiences are always built with the audience and your organization’s needs in mind, so these examples will be customized to meet your needs.

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I think that one of the ways to make curricular implementation successful is to spend a lot of time focusing on your own and your team’s learning. When we are talking about major change, when we are talking about focusing on learning and growth with our students in a structured and intentional way, we must… Read More

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Today, I added the phrases “researcher” and “scholar-practitioner” to my social media profiles. I didn’t do this because I actually believe that anyone actually reads the little blurb below my picture on Twitter, but, on the off-chance that they do…I should really be putting my best foot forward. In all honesty, the foot that I’m putting… Read More

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America is a broken and divided nation. Trump is a symptom of these conditions. Today I feel a great deal of fear and anger. I recognize that this is a result of the fear and anger of a great many Americans who feel dissatisfied because our economy and government have caused much anxiety over the… Read More

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What Clients Think

Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding and implementing a curricular approach. During our workshop she was able to help us re-frame our thoughts on intentional learning, and expand our knowledge on what it means to be educators in residential life. Ashley has a plethora of skills that helped move our group forward from foundational knowledge toward executing an action plan toward a curricular approach.

Ashley did an amazing job helping us understand and start our curricular approach. She is a skilled facilitator and was able to effectively guide our team to concrete action items as we start to implement a residential curriculum. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is looking to improve their current work and solidify their focus on student learning.

Working with Ashley was a true game-changer for our student experience. Ashley worked alongside us as we took a hard look at what we were providing in our residential curriculum and how we were assessing those needs. Her consulting work helped bring the ideas we had been working on for 2 years together in our first year of implementing a curriculum. I strongly encourage you to chat with Ashley if you are looking to bring your residential education program to the next level!

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