Things that are slightly scary about job searching…

Firstly, job searching in general is borderline terrifying. I am not going to take the opportunity (yet) to expound on the various stresses of finding employment. I would like to be more reflective about that and I’m not quite at that point yet.

However, here are some things that I do know about job searching. When completing online applications, hitting that “send” or “submit” button comes with a whole slew of stresses.

For example:

“Oh my god, did I upload that as a .doc? Or did I convert it to a .pdf? Let me check 12 times before submitting it”

“Did I attach all of my documents? (If using an HR system) Did I fill in all of the necessary fields?”

“Did I send the cover letter for the right position? I didn’t write that I have experience advising hall councils for the position with no hall council, right? Did I address the appropriate person? I will check the posting again another 4 times”

With that in mind, I’d like all of you fine people who have already been through this to share what the biggest challenge in your first job search was. If it was document upload anxiety, I might be in trouble.