An Awesome Day in Student Affairs

Sometimes, it is tough to stop and appreciate the little things that make life fun and meaningful. Some days (every day) I am tired. Some days (every day) I have homework to do. Some days (every day) I get a little worried about finding a job.

But some days, the stars align and in spite of all of that, a series of awesome things happen. Today just happened to be one of those days. Today was a day that affirmed for me at every corner why I love what I’m doing. Nothing really mind-blowing or life-changing occurred, but waiting for major events to make you happy will never get  you anywhere. So here are the little reasons that today positively rocked.

  • Last night, I realized that today marks 100 days until graduation.
  • One of my student staff told me today that she is interested in going into higher education. Every time this happens, I feel I’m Peter Pan and a child is telling me that he or she believes in fairies.
  • I got a message from another student who I had previously met at a conference and who is coming to interview for my program (fairies are real, again).
  • I designed a promo slideshow video for the Kick Ass Facebook Challenge. I love making a creative advertisement for a creative program.
  • I had an awesome conversation with a first year student about improving her academic performance this semester. She reminded me of why I love working with first years and how much promise young people hold.
  • I’m on call and was excited to chat with the RAs when they called in for duty (this may be because I’m already in a good mood).
  • I’m going to a program hosted by one of my former RAs and one of my best friends tonight. Just because it sounds fun.

That’s all for now. But I think that it’s important to think about the good things that happen every day, and not get bogged down in the frustrating minutiae of our lives. After all, one good thing leads to another, and if we can embrace the positive, we have the potential to pass it on throughout the whole day.