Holy Grad School, Batman!

I’ve been preparing myself for how incredibly busy this last semester of grad school was going to be pretty much since I started last year. I knew, somewhere deep inside that place in my stomach where anxiety sleeps, that a full course load, my assistantship, advising, and job searching were going to steamroll me.

But I didn’t really understand until it happened. I was trying to schedule watching a movie with my friends today (not even in a theater, a DVD), and during every day and time that they suggested, I need to be doing homework. My job search process has blissfully wound down (more details at another time), but that time has certainly been replaced by the number of events and programs I need to plan and attend in the next few weeks. I’ll turn in my last assignment and presentation on the DAY of my graduate recognition ceremony, just hours before I’m hooded.

It appears that the final weeks of graduate school are going to progress much in the same vein as every other end-of-semester rush for me. Nose to the grindstone and don’t stop for air until May 5.

But let me tell you; on May 5, I’m probably going to start realizing how much I’m going to miss it.