Important Life Lessons That We Can Learn from Cats

Hear me out on this one. Yes, this may be a thinly veiled excuse to show you pictures of my cats. I’m going to go ahead and say that 2 weeks after graduation, I have not yet become a crazy cat lady. But I do spend a lot of time with these little fools. Some people hate cats (which is kind of mean; look how adorable they are) but I tend to think that they are pretty smart. Here are some things that I think we can learn from cats:



Make your positive attributes outweigh your shortcomings.

I’m kind of allergic to my parents’ cats. Not that I need to have shots or anything, but they make me pretty uncomfortable sometimes. However, their other cat-like attributes outweigh the fact that they make me sneeze. They will always make me sneeze, but I’m willing to overlook that because they entertain me, they sit on the couch and watch Food Network with me without complaining, and they are very generous about posing for Instagram photos. We all do things that make other people not that happy. This is just how the world works. But we should make sure that our positive characteristics that serve to improve and enlighten others’ lives are our defining factors. That way, we can be pretty sure that our friends and coworkers won’t (metaphorically) give us to the animal shelter.

Take calculated risks.

This morning I found my sort of fat and arthritic cat, Gwen, strutting around on the kitchen counter. He (yes, Gwen is a “he”; the cat’s gender dysphoria is a topic for another day) had to use a complex network of items in the kitchen to get up there and he couldn’t really get down without help. But he was up there rooting around in cupboards, checking out the sink and coffee maker, having a grand old time. Gwen’s life doesn’t usually get beyond the height of the sofa, so this was a big endeavor. And like I said, he couldn’t jump down from the counter once he got up there. This didn’t stop him, though. Seize opportunities when they present themselves. Carpe diem! But know that you might not be able to get down off of the counter (so to speak) so make sure you have some kind of backup plan.

Be persistent.

I think this is why many people don’t like cats. They are eventually going to get what they want. Whether  by their insistent purring, passive-aggressive acts like tipping over their water, or just walking around your feet until you notice them, the cats are going to make you bend to their will. The lesson here is that if you want to get treats (metaphorically, again) you need to focus on that goal and be able to exert influence, charisma, and dedication to get others to help you reach it.

Take time to appreciate the world around you.

Cats are expert observers. I am not suggesting that you actually go sit in a window for hours, but how often do we really take the time to stop to look at and listen to our environments? It’s about getting outside of yourself and keeping your eyes and ears open to what’s occurring every day. I was recently driving down a road that I’ve driven a thousand times, but I was in the passenger seat instead of the driver’s seat. I noticed three or four things I had never noticed before, simply because I wasn’t looking before. We can go through our entire lives with things sitting right outside the window that we never take time to see.

Sleep is important.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: there is really nothing to be gained from skimping on resting and rejuvenating one’s body. I have no idea, scientifically speaking, why cats sleep so much, but this tactic seems to be working for them. Getting sufficient sleep makes us more productive, healthier, and friendlier. Those are really enough reasons for me.

What other lessons have you learned from the animals in your life?

2 thoughts on “Important Life Lessons That We Can Learn from Cats

  1. Great post Ashley.
    You have inspired me about this topic “What We Can Learn From Cats” because of I read other post from my friend Funda Aslan (Turkish young Lady). As you can image I don’t know Turkish and this time my Google translator has not work pretty fine. Some ideas from her post:
    1. Where you stay you must enjoy the moment.
    2. Play,
    3. Get opportunities to eat up plenty.
    4. If someone has made you so good, it is not your partner.
    5. However, appreciate his or her companion.
    6. Be cautious everywhere, you can find dangerous things.
    7. You’ll be curious, but be cautious as well.
    8. You must show care and maintenance of cleanliness.
    9. Sık sık gerineceksin. (I could not figure out its translation.)
    10. You’ll get what you want until you insist.
    11. Permit his or her freedom to anyone.
    12. You must focus and put your mind to.
    13. Respect their own desire.
    14. You won’t say never NO for a good massage.
    15. Numara yapmayacaksın. (I could not figure out its translation.)
    16. Take care the place where you live.
    17. Always be calm and self-look forward to a peaceful and most importantly, seek to seize the moment.
    Dostum teşekkürler. my friend 🙂

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