The Big Move!

Okay, the move wasn’t really that big because I only moved an hour and a half away. I am also in a temporary apartment until mine is ready, so I unpacked probably 10% of my stuff. Easiest move-in ever. It really was quite easy, thanks to several of my new colleagues, who came to carry my stuff inside (note to anyone on-boarding new employees, having a move-in crew is basically the best welcome ever). I was also welcomed by this wonderful sign and a basket of goodies and essentials!

My first day of work is on Friday, which leaves me plenty of time to explore the campus and the area, get lost until I figure out where I’m going, and take care of some initial stuff. I successfully made my first trip to Super Wal-Mart yesterday, where a very nice associate mistook me for the traffic reporter on the local Fox news before showing me where the Brita pitchers are. I’ll take it as a compliment.

Today I procured my new employee parking pass, activated my NetID (so I can use the internet for important things like blogging), and got my UConn email address. I’ve also got my tax forms all ready to fill out. This should leave me plenty of extra time at New Employee Orientation on Friday to figure out my insurance and retirement plans.

I also took a nice long walk around campus last night, checking out some landmarks like Gampel Pavilion, the Jonathan the Husky Statue, and Mirror Lake, as well as checking out the more historic areas of campus (which I’m a total geek for) and creeping around my buildings (since I’m not living over there yet). Yesterday was a beautiful day and I have to say that I’m completely enamored with this campus. It’s beautiful and I’m looking forward to discovering more of it!

Eddy Hall, my soon-to-be new home
Jonathan the Husky, looking regal

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