One Word for 2013: Momentum

For the second year, instead of choosing a New Year’s Resolution, I am choosing One Word to live by in 2013. This is a widely-shared concept that you can find more about on sites like My One Word and One Word 365. I was first introduced to One Word last year by my colleagues in the #SAChat community. As I reflected on in my last post, my One Word for 2012 (Change) was a defining theme in my year and owning the word allowed me to lead a more empowered and purposeful life.

At the outset of this year, I’m in a much different place in my life in many ways. I’ve recently transitioned into many new roles and experiences, and one of my major goals is to sustain my excitement and vigor for these opportunities. Additionally, it occurs to me that at this point in my life, I must maintain focus and enthusiasm for my future goals. When I was still a full-time student, I was continually moved forward by the rhythm of the semesters; it was natural to always gain new skills and experiences, meet new people, and constantly learn. I aspire to cultivate that type of outlook throughout my life as a lifelong learner. All of these thoughts, goals, and concerns boil down to my One Word: Momentum. 

Because I love analogies (and visualization often helps me to overcome challenging moments), I’ll explain momentum this way. As a child, I loved swinging at the playground and in the yard at my house. The swing is an amazing thing because, using your own body and movement, you are able to gain a lot of speed and achieve the sensation of flying through the air. You gain momentum as you swing. My other favorite part of swinging was to reach almost terrifying heights (realistically about 7 or 8 feet…) and then, just at the right moment, to jump off.

The motion of swinging is how I think about Momentum; moving myself in such a way that I can be propelled forward, choosing just the right moment to use my power, strength, and balance to make a jump. Granted, there were many times when I got a face full of dirt, ended up with my windbreaker stuck in the chains, or otherwise miscalculated things. But that never deterred me from getting back on the swing and building up my momentum again.

And so, I am heading out on my 2013 journey with the conviction that a life in motion must stay in motion. I’m taking my momentum with me.

6 thoughts on “One Word for 2013: Momentum

  1. The One Word concept. So simple. Yet requires some good thinking and reflection. Thanks for sharing the concept. I may have to steal your word – perhaps partly out of laziness and partly because it’s a theme that resonates a lot in both my life and work.

    Nice post.

    1. Thanks so much, Brian. I am a big fan of One Word because I can apply that word to so many endeavors and goals in my life; it’s dynamic and flexible while being, as you said, so simple.

      Best of luck in your 2013 and thank you for reading!

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