In Defense of My Defense of Hillary

I’ve been thinking so much about how over the past few weeks, it feels icky, contentious, and uncomfortable to be a liberal democrat. We need a little bit of both/and attitude with regard to this primary. The undercurrent of sexist critiques of Hillary has worn me down, casting doubt in my own mind about my ability to critically examine the candidates for my party. Because it’s tiring to be surrounded by air that is full of sexism and to not breathe it in. Not all critiques of Hillary are sexist, many are completely legitimate, but it’s important to name the role that sexism is playing here. I think this article does that very well: A Feminist’s Guide to Critiquing Hillary Clinton.
I do support Hillary, with the full knowledge that she is a candidate who is best qualified to work within the existing political and economic system, and because she has been a role model to me for many years. I very much respect and appreciate Bernie Sanders; his ideas and passion are much needed. Hillary is not perfect by any means; she is a human who has grown, changed, and learned over her political career. Any president will make missteps, because being president is not about perfection, it’s about managing a system and leading that system.
Bernie as president perhaps leads to a political and economic revolution. Will it be sustainable? Will his ideas take hold? I don’t know; the country at large is very different than the population of Bernie supporters.
Hillary as president, though she may be one who inarguably does work within the current system (getting things done, by the way), is also a revolution. Because a woman president says something to women and girls that we rarely get messages of: you can be the greatest leader; you can aspire to anything. Hillary is not the epitome of intersectional feminism, but her mere presence pushes us all forward. And I care about more than just her mere presence. She has a wealth of experience, she is trustworthy, she is action-oriented, she has made it through years of incredible scrutiny and haters and still wants to serve the American people. She has not given up, not on herself or on this country.