My values are the foundation of how I live my life and conduct myself as an educator and professional. To me, these values are what I always rely on. These values help me make difficult decisions, determine my priorities, and guide how I treat others and myself.


Integrity is being true to my word. It’s owning my decisions and what I’m responsible for. For me, it often means having the courage to do what is right, even when there are consequences. My favorite definition of Integrity is from Brené Brown: “Integrity is choosing courage over comfort: choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values, rather than simply professing them.” Integrity is the foundation for all of my other values and actions.


Taking care of myself and others as whole beings, in mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes I’m better at this than other times. This might look like taking a beautiful hike, just remembering to drink water, or call my family. It always looks like remembering that we are all whole beings, and we are much greater than the hours we work and our productivity.


Our society is based on structures and systems of privilege and oppression. My lifelong goal as an educator is to disrupt those structures and systems and do whatever I can to promote full and equal participation of all groups in society. My approach to this is an intersectional feminist one and I examine student affairs practices and work through a critical intersectional feminist lens. This includes critically examining my own privilege and positionality.