In a learning-centered environment, consulting is collaborative, engaging, and a great strategy to start seeing things in a new way. Ashley can help your team plan, implement, and assess learning-centered practices in-person or long-distance. Contact Ashley to discuss the scope and goals of your project and possible consulting options. There are examples of consulting projects listed below, but Ashley is able to create a customized project to meet your organization’s goals and needs.

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Consulting Fees

Creating a Learning Organization in Student Affairs–Organizational Evaluation

An Organizational Learning Evaluation is a multi-part process to help your department or division evaluate its capacity as a learning organization. A Learning Organization is one that integrates the creation and use knowledge and information throughout its operations. This type of organization is open and receptive to change, fosters growth and learning among staff, and is adaptable to unpredictable events.

The purpose of the Organizational Learning Evaluation is to help your department or division to become a Learning Organization. The Organizational Learning Evaluation is a research and evidence based intervention and includes collaboration and full participation by the organizational members at every step. This is done by:

  • Systematically examining your organization using a combination of surveys, interviews, and document collection;
  • Providing a report with a full analysis and recommendations; and
  • Supporting implementation of recommendations.

Organizations should plan for 3-4 months of work with Ashley during an Organizational Learning Evaluation, including at least two site visits and regular consulting calls. The specific timeline and deliverables will be developed to meet your organization’s needs and goals.

Mission Writing

A Mission Statement is not only important to help communicate your organization to outside stakeholders; it also helps set the course internally. Developing a succinct Mission Statement and connecting it to organizational goals and activities is an important activity to ensure the ongoing success and focus of an organization.

To assist you in writing a Mission Statement for your organization, Ashley will engage you in an intentional self-assessment process to clarify and understand your organization’s goals, priorities, and culture. During a two-day site visit, Ashley will work with specific audiences within your organization to craft and refine your mission statement, and connect it to specific organizational goals. Ashley can also create materials such as posters, cards, and brochures to proudly display and distribute your new mission statement.