On NASPA, Yik Yak, and Perhaps What Really Matters

I'm in the airport on my way home from the annual NASPA Conference. And I'm thinking about the great NASPA Yik Yak fiasco of 2015. If you haven't caught up yet, there's a lot of brouhaha about a variety of yaks that have been made by conference attendees over the past couple of days. It … Continue reading On NASPA, Yik Yak, and Perhaps What Really Matters

My Existential Crisis of “Home”: Where am I from?

"Where are you from?" This is a seemingly simple question to which I routinely respond with complicated answers. Most inquirers are just being polite or trying to ascertain some small amount of information about where I live. However, they usually end up with significantly greater detail than expected. My answer  and corresponding internal dialogue usually goes something like … Continue reading My Existential Crisis of “Home”: Where am I from?

Belonging, part 2.

Today, I won a really wonderful award. I was given the honor of Outstanding New Staff member for the Division of Student Affairs. I have a nice, shiny statue to place in my office, I was applauded and hugged by my wonderful colleagues and friends, and many kind words were spoken about me. Being a … Continue reading Belonging, part 2.

A Year of Change

The first blog post I wrote on this website almost a year ago was about the "One Word" that I was choosing to live by in 2012. With what I now recognize as an impressive amount of foresight, humility, and a good dose of crippling fear, I chose "change". Even now, it feels empowering to … Continue reading A Year of Change

“Actually, I’m a professional staff member…”

Oh, the plight of a new professional in ResLife: everyone thinks I'm an undergrad. And by everyone, I mean mostly the students and parents who arrived this weekend. My staff gets it for obvious reasons. Really, though, it's tough to be 24, live on a college campus (in a residence hall), and not be mistaken … Continue reading “Actually, I’m a professional staff member…”