Breaking Up with Busyness

About a year ago, I started breaking up with Busyness. Busyness and I were pretty deep in a toxic relationship that had started sometime in my sophomore year of college, just around the time that I was introduced to a budding career in Student Affairs. Busyness, which can be described as the constant need in … Continue reading Breaking Up with Busyness

There’s More to Life Than Work (I Think)

You should work to live, not live to work. I have, in very recent history, openly scoffed at this adage. I have thought to myself, "My work is not just work...itĀ is life. My work is meaningful and important, so I don't need to worry aboutĀ keeping my work time under control. Everything just blends together and … Continue reading There’s More to Life Than Work (I Think)

The Real Life of Student Affairs Professionals

October is upon us. That means it's Careers in Student Affairs Month! The annual occasion when we turn our attention to doing our darndest to indoctrinate bright-eyed student leaders into the cult of Student Affairs. Or perhaps more accurately put, a time when we reflect on our own career paths, our professional aspirations and goals, … Continue reading The Real Life of Student Affairs Professionals

Belonging, part 2.

Today, I won a really wonderful award. I was given the honor of Outstanding New Staff member for the Division of Student Affairs. I have a nice, shiny statue to place in my office, I was applauded and hugged by my wonderful colleagues and friends, and many kind words were spoken about me. Being a … Continue reading Belonging, part 2.

A Year of Change

The first blog post I wrote on this website almost a year ago was about the "One Word" that I was choosing to live by in 2012. With what I now recognize as an impressive amount of foresight, humility, and a good dose of crippling fear, I chose "change". Even now, it feels empowering to … Continue reading A Year of Change

A Question of Faith

Religion and higher education. We have a weird, frightened, tenuous relationship with religion at secular institutions of higher education. This topic has been floating around in my head for a while but has most recently been brought to the fore by this week's book club co-sponsored by @The_SA_Blog and @CronkNews. For the summer #SAChat book … Continue reading A Question of Faith

Thou shalt love each other.

We all know job searching is not easy. Three months after starting my first professional job search, I will be the first person to tell you that. I'm no expert; indeed, I am not done with this process, rather, I'm just starting out. But since I have many opinions, I'm going to weigh in with … Continue reading Thou shalt love each other.

An Open Letter to SA Grads…

Dear Student Affairs Grad Student: Hi, I'm just writing to tell you that it's going to be okay. What is going to be okay, you ask? Well, whatever is bugging you right now. Whatever is stressing you out, keeping you up at night, filling your planner, your email inbox, and your brain. It's going to … Continue reading An Open Letter to SA Grads…

Job Searching: Like an Extra Job that I Don’t Get Paid For (Yet)

My Google Calendar looks like a game of Tetris. I'm fairly convinced that the beginning of spring semester is so terribly busy because everyone at any given institution is refreshed, renewed, and ready to delegate, collaborate, (and by February, commiserate). January and February are a Student Affairs marathon: RA Recruitment and Selection, major new programs, … Continue reading Job Searching: Like an Extra Job that I Don’t Get Paid For (Yet)